Advances in dental technology provide dentists with a variety of procedures to enhance a patient's smile. Dentures offer patients who have experienced tooth loss a natural-looking smile that lasts. Many patients find that dentures give them greater confidence in social situations while providing a similar function to their natural teeth.

Advantages of Dentures in Boulder City

Confidence and natural feel are not the only benefits of choosing dentures to enhance your smile. Additional advantages include:
  • Enhance Facial Features: missing teeth can cause areas of your face to sag. Dentures resolve this issue to restore your natural facial features.
  • Smoother Speech: Replacing missing teeth allow you to annunciate clearer and communicate better.
  • Improved Chewing: Missing teeth can make it challenging to eat your favorite foods. Dentures allow you to chew comfortably and get back to enjoying your favorite dishes.
  • Improved Oral Health: By replacing decayed teeth, you can improve your oral health by protecting your remaining natural teeth.

Improved Oral Health: By replacing decayed teeth, you can improve your oral health by protecting your remaining natural teeth. The functionality of dentures makes them a suitable choice for many patients who wish to improve their smiles.

How Dentures Work - Boulder City

Depending on the condition, the dentist may recommend partial or full dentures to restore a patient's smile.
  • Full Dentures: After all remaining teeth have been removed and your gums have healed properly, the dentist will place the removable dentures. The dentures may feel awkward for the first few weeks; however, they should become comfortable and feel natural in your mouth.
  • Partial Dentures: Unlike full dentures, partial dentures only replace a few missing teeth while keeping your healthy natural teeth in place.
If you experience any irritation, it is essential to contact your dentist to resolve the issue and ensure the appliance is fitting correctly.

Caring for Your Dentures

Whether your dentist recommends full or partial dentures, it is vital to properly care for them to prolong the successful use of the appliance. Since dentures are removable, many patients find it easy to care for them. Brushing your gums and remaining teeth daily before inserting your dentures will help to protect your oral health. Rinsing and brushing your dentures will keep them clean and free of bacteria. You can keep them from warping by placing them in a proper container while not in use. Overall, proper oral hygiene will keep your new smile bright and help maintain your oral health.

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Dentures are a proven appliance recommended by many dentists to help improve patients' smiles after tooth removal or loss. To learn more about how dentures can enhance your smile, contact your dentist today!